Project description

AudioMe is the 1st Ever Automatic Stereo System Volume Control App with a Patented, 100% Hands-Free Concept for Every Time you Commute in your Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Train, or Virtually Any Vehicle! Do not Worry, Be Happy with Emergency Vehicle Radar Volume Response – You See the Cops Before they Hear You – and Many More Countless Features in our AudioMe PRO Subscription Version. Go Hands-Free and Ticket-Free with AudioMe!

We were consulted for this application’s iOS version and support on the API / Backend sides. Project was built up to the first version and continued to the final product launch with 2 more phases. We still being the reliable sources for the updates on the APIs and server level on this application.

Project Info

  • Category: iOS ApplicationMobile Apps
  • Client: Audio Me
  • Location: United States of America
  • Completed Date: 2018-2020
  • Mananer: Swift, Apple Xcode IDE, iOS SDK, Laravel APIs